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There’s something soul-satisfying about chocolate – like a miniature holiday for your senses.

The Choc Affair story began in 2006 when I realised that my daughters had an intolerance to milk – a devastating discovery for children who love chocolate. As there were few alternatives available back then, I decided to have a go myself and with a little time and a whole lot of soy milk I created a hot chocolate they loved. While my first little customers were pretty devoted, they also gave me the idea for a business making handmade chocolate. The next step was a dark chocolate stirrer that melted in warm milk to create an instant chocolatey drink. As demand grew – and not just at home – and with my house now permanently smelling of molten chocolate, I gave up my day job to become a full-time chocolatier.

As family members were always being drafted in to help, stir, drive and taste, most of them eventually joined the company and after first converting our garage, we eventually rented an old joinery as our first chocolate HQ. After that, things really started growing and before long we’d moved into our current home in Hazel Court.

As a business, however, we always wanted to do good by the world and create confectionary that came with a clear conscience. That’s why every bean we use is responsibly and sustainably produced, with a little extra paid for every kilo to help reforest the cocoa-growing regions of Colombia. It’s also why we never use cheap shortcuts like palm oil, and support the small farms and cooperatives we work with and the local community that surrounds them, as well as our own community here in York. Voted first place in Fine Food Digest ’s magazine ‘Best Brands 2018/19 & 2019/20′ as the No 1 chocolate brand, and winners of Socially Responsible Business of The Year 2021, sixteen years later we’re still making handmade chocolate that has a positive impact and we still love doing it. What more could we ask for?

Our brilliant team remain committed to learning how we can best support and grow your business, and our hope is that you will see working with an ethical UK manufacturer as a real benefit for your customers.

Please get in touch today, to see how together, we can give your customers chocolate to feel good about.

Linda and the Choc Affair Team x

Our Values


Our journey started in Linda ’s kitchen in 2006; and we continue to delight in handcrafting delicious-tasting chocolate today, sharing the joy that chocolate ignites in us. We are proud of our British heritage – so we’re 100% committed to always using UK suppliers for all our packaging.


Our Inclusive Employment Initiative involves working with local agencies to provide employment opportunities for people who find accessing the workplace difficult. Further afield, we financially invest in a children’s sponsorship programme based in Uganda.


We take our role in caring for our planet seriously.  That ’s why we make sure that our chocolate is made from sustainably grown cocoa, and that the ingredients we use are completely free from palm oil. 95% of our packaging is widely recyclable too and we’re working on our remaining 5%.

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Our strong values and passionate team go beyond “just” selling chocolate. We provide a collaborative approach, and close working relationship with retailers to make a difference for both parties.