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Chocolate Type
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    • Dark
    • Milk
    • Oat M!lk
    • White
    Dietary Information
      • Suitable For Vegans
      • Suitable For Vegetarians
      • Oat M!lk
      Mixed Case of 4 flavours of chocolate buttons

      Mixed Case of Chocolate Buttons

      12 Units

      Enhance your product selection with our Mixed Case of Chocolate Buttons, featuring 12 x 180g pouches of enticing chocolate buttons available in milk chocolate, Oat Milk, dark chocolate, and caramel milk chocolate varieties. Wrapped in recyclable paper packaging, these buttons are perfectly suited for impulse purchases and underscore your commitment to environmental sustainability. This eco-conscious choice not only caters to the tastes of chocolate lovers but also bolsters your store’s ethical image, providing customers with a delightful treat that aligns with a greener, more responsible shopping experience. This option allows you to choose which 12 you would like to purchase within a case.


      20KG Box of Buttons

      1 Case

      Elevate your bulk chocolate offerings with our 20KG Box of Chocolate Buttons, delivered in their primary packaging to ensure minimal environmental impact. Perfect for large-scale needs, from baking projects to stocking up sweet stations, these creamy chocolate buttons are not just a treat for the taste buds but also a step towards more responsible consumption.


      Milk Chocolate Buttons Pouch

      12 Units

      Milk Chocolate Buttons Pouch – Discover the simple pleasure of our Milk Chocolate Buttons Pouch, brimming with creamy milk chocolate buttons. Encased in an eco-friendly paper pouch, these delectable treats are not just perfect for impulse buys but also make an ideal stocking filler come Christmas. This product offers a delightful way for your customers to indulge in high-quality chocolate, blending convenience with sustainability. Whether they’re looking for a quick treat or a thoughtful gift, these chocolate buttons are sure to please.

      Dark chocolate buttons pouch

      Dark Chocolate Buttons Pouch

      12 Units

      Indulge in the rich intensity of our Dark Chocolate Buttons Pouch, featuring buttons made from 60% cocoa solids for a deep, satisfying taste. Each button offers a bite of luxurious, dark chocolate bliss, all contained within recyclable paper packaging. This pouch is an exquisite treat for those who cherish the robust flavors of dark chocolate, providing an eco-friendly option for enjoying and sharing. Perfect for customers seeking a deliciously dark treat that aligns with their environmental values.


      Giant Share Bag of Dark Chocolate Buttons

      Dive into the luxurious depth of our Giant Share Bag of Dark Chocolate Buttons, where each piece is crafted from 60% cocoa solids for an intensely rich flavor. These sumptuous dark chocolate buttons are the perfect treat to enjoy and share, making this bag an excellent gift for any chocolate enthusiast. Its generous size ensures there’s plenty to go around, offering a sophisticated and indulgent experience for all who partake.


      Giant Share Bag of Milk Chocolate Buttons

      Offer your customers the ultimate treat with our Giant Share Bag of Milk Chocolate Buttons, containing 1 kilo of creamy, smooth milk chocolate delight. This generously sized bag is designed for sharing, making it an excellent choice for families, parties, or as a thoughtful gift. Ideal for retailers seeking to provide value and quality, these milk chocolate buttons are a crowd-pleaser, promising to be a popular addition to your range. Stock this indulgent option to captivate those looking for the perfect gift or a delicious treat to enjoy with others.

      Welcome to the delightful world of Choc Affair’s chocolate buttons, where playful shapes meet the unmatched quality of artisan chocolate. Our chocolate buttons wholesale range is curated for retailers who aim to sprinkle a little joy into their offerings, ensuring that customers of all ages find something to love.

      Why Choose Choc Affair’s Chocolate Buttons?

      • A Spectrum of Flavors: Dive into a variety of flavours that go beyond the ordinary. From rich and creamy milk chocolate to intense dark chocolate and luxurious caramel, there’s a taste for every preference.
      • Crafted with Love: Each button is a small token of our passion for chocolate-making. Made with the finest ingredients, they embody the care and quality that Choc Affair stands for, ensuring that every bite is a memorable one.
      • Eco-Conscious Packaging: In line with our commitment to sustainability, our chocolate buttons come in packaging that’s as kind to the planet as it is appealing to the eye. It’s our way of making sure that indulgence feels good in every sense.
      • Perfect for Sharing… or Not!: Whether it’s for baking, decorating, or simply enjoying straight from the bag, our wholesale chocolate buttons are versatile delights that encourage creativity and sharing—though we won’t judge if they’re too good to share!
      • Supporting Your Success: Partnering with Choc Affair means more than just adding another product to your range. It’s about embracing a relationship that comes with marketing support, flexible ordering options, and a team that’s genuinely invested in your growth.

      A Partnership As Sweet As Our Buttons: At Choc Affair, we believe in the power of great chocolate to bring people together. Our wholesale chocolate buttons are more than just a product; they’re an invitation to join a community of chocolate lovers who value quality, sustainability, and joy in every aspect of their business.

      Invite your customers to rediscover the simple pleasures of chocolate with our range of chocolate buttons. It’s an opportunity to offer a taste of childhood nostalgia, artisan quality, and the joy of sharing that few can resist.

      Dive into our wholesale chocolate buttons range and let the fun begin!