Orange & Geranium Chocolate Mousse Pots

Orange & Geranium Chocolate Mousse Pots

Well, given the task of coming up with a recipe for orange and geranium, we felt a delicious chocolate mousse was in order! Because it was a milk chocolate we were using, and usually, we go for dark in a mousse, we thought it would be better if we could do a mousse with no extra cream; so a simple, egg yolk, egg whites, and chocolate kind of recipe. Hmmm, it didn’t end well! Following a recipe (which we have done many times before), we replaced the dark chocolate with our orange and geranium chocolate; and thought we would do base of an orange jelly to make it more of a dessert pot (rather than just a mousse). We really should have known better; it was pretty obvious this wouldn’t work as we planned. Several hours later, and getting the finished pots out of the fridge, we could see straight away that the mousse was too liquid like. The foam was there, but there was a liquid element to it which meant it didn’t feel set. The funny thing was, Linda’s mum appeared at the moment we got them out, and quickly demolished one, saying how delicious it was. We didn’t agree; we thought the geranium flavour was too sharp and overpowering, so knew we needed to try again.


Second time lucky.


First things first, we wanted to make a mousse dessert pot; so thought the addition of an orange jelly maybe nice. Easy to do, we just followed the instructions and added a tin of drained mandarin segments for the texture.

Pop some of the finished jelly in the bottom of each pot, about 1cm deep and leave to set.

Then go on to make the mousse…


Orange & Geranium Chocolate Mousse Recipe



  • 500ml Whipping Cream
  • 250g Orange & Geranium Chocolate (roughly chopped; this means 3 bars, although you can half the recipe should you choose)
  • 1tsp Vanilla Extract


  • Heat the cream in short bursts in the microwave until bubbles begin to form around the edges. Pour over the chopped chocolate, and leave to stand for a couple of minutes so that it starts to melt; then stir with a whisk until all of the chocolate is properly melted and smooth, then stir in the vanilla.
  • Now you need to leave the mixture to cool completely, and place in the fridge for at least 6 hours; if not, overnight to chill and set.
  • Take it out of the fridge, and whip the chocolate cream with an electric hand mixer until stiff peaks (for which only takes a couple of minutes).
  • Pipe (or spoon) on top of the orange jelly in the glasses or small bowls, sprinkle with grated chocolate left over from the bars and enjoy.

If you like the look of this recipe, you can purchase our Orange & Geranium chocolate here. Enjoy!